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Read Anything Good Lately?

I own many books. I have piles of magazines going back I don’t want to say how many months. Reading material covers every surface in every room I live in.  I belong to the Mechanics’ Institute, whose wonderful library has a terrific Fiction selection, and every time I visit the second floor, I pick up a hardcover or two. So why, when asked who my favorite authors are or what I’ve enjoyed reading lately, do I draw a blank? Oh, I can come up the usual suspects.  I wrote my senior thesis on Nathaniel Hawthorne and – yes, it’s true … Continue reading

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The little things

When I’m in a writing slump, the littlest thing can make me doubt myself.  After a week of moving words around on the screen to little avail, or – more recently – a week of not opening a single writing file, I start to wonder.  Maybe it’s not too late to go to law school?  I get an email announcing a prize given to someone I met once at a conference, and I think uncharitable thoughts about that someone.  I read about someone doing amazing work teaching writing to prisoners or illiterate adults or underprivileged kids and I think I’m … Continue reading

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