For Your Listening Pleasure

Ten of my short stories are now available as audio books on Audible!  Several of the stories were published almost 20 years ago, and the others more recently.

It’s wonderful to hear talented narrators bring new life to words I first heard only in my imagination.  I’ve read many of these aloud myself, so I’m used to them as “mine” — hearing them anew makes them work as stories.  Not just my stories, but stories out there in the world.  For that, I’m grateful.

Last night I drove from Rainbow Grocery to the Sutter-Stockton garage in about 18 minutes, just the amount of time to listen to Tiffany Morgan read “The Art of Fiction” — “a great story, a writer’s story,” according to one reviewer.   Another day, on a longer drive, I listened to installments of “What Her Sister Wanted,” remembering how long it took me to figure out the pivotal scene of a nine-year-old having a meltdown at Marine World.  And, this morning on the Muni bus, I listened to colleague Jessica Barksdale Inclán’s wonderful “Sneakers.”

Love short stories?  Drive, walk, run, ride public transportation?  Combine a daily task with the treat of being read to.

Here’s the giveaway part:  First three people to leave a comment will get a comp copy of the story of your choice.   Lengths are listed next to each title, and if you “mouse” over the cover art, a brief blurb will come up giving a description of the story.  If you like what you hear, please leave a review.



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